What is fractional assistance?

Fractional assistance happens all the time. This is when we as brokers and agents pay each other to help cover for us on deal specific tasks (like showings, inspections, open houses and more) when we are overbooked, on vacation, or simply want to be more efficient.

Who can join BrokerAssist?

You must be an active, licensed agent or broker in the state you request or complete fractional assistance jobs. For outbound referrals, you can be an active agent or broker in any state to request referral assistance nationwide. For inbound referrals, you need to be an active agent or broker in the state you complete the referral in.

What if I only want to request and assist with brokers and agents at my firm?

Contact us about a white label solution for your firm! You can do this by simply filtering upon the creation of a request or upon searching for an available job or referral on the map. Or consider collaborating across brokerage firms- we see it happening with great success. For referrals, we recommend keeping your filter on “all firms” to secure more referral opportunities nationwide.

How do I know I’m hiring a quality agent or broker for my fractional assistance job or referral?

There is a 5-star rating feature that allows users to rate both the requesting and assisting agent or broker on each completed job and referral. This rating is viewable upon your selection of the broker or agent to help you vet who you want to work with.

How much does BrokerAssist cost?

Free to download, sign up, and collaborate on jobs and referrals! We only charge a small 5% connection fee to the assisting agent or broker upon receiving payment. For example, if I paid you $40 to cover a showing, I would be charged $40, and you would receive $38 for assisting ($40 minus the 5% connection fee). All referral connections are free- no unfair commission charges here!

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept ACH bank transfers and Credit Cards.

How do I receive payment?

You will set up ACH transfer to your bank account to receive payment.

How can I protect against another BrokerAssist agent or broker trying to steal my client?

As part of the BrokerAssist terms of use, each user, who is also a licensed agent or broker signs a non-solicit agreement. It states “Upon confirmation of a job, the assigned agents or brokers agree not to communicate with or solicit real estate services to each other’s clients during or after completion of the job, beyond the scope of work agreed to in order to complete the job.”

Who is responsible for scheduling the job?

The requesting agent or broker is responsible for this and the chat feature is always available to coordinate further once the job is confirmed.

What happens if a client or broker/agent cancels?

Cancellations must occur 1 hour or more before the start time of the job. Use the chat feature in the app to communicate with the collaborating agent and broker so everyone is informed. There is no charge if a job is canceled. If canceled within 1 hour of the start time, the requesting broker is still responsible for payment, unless agreed to otherwise between the two agents/brokers.


What happens if a client is late or does not arrive on time?

The requesting agent is responsible for payment. All agents and brokers agree to the terms of use that requires a 1 hour minimum cancellation policy.


What if no one offers to assist on my job or referral? 

This could happen if you are an early adopter of BrokerAssist and as we are growing the network in your area. Help us make the platform more valuable to you by inviting your firm and favorite colleagues across firms to join. Also, try increasing the payment or referral split for more engagement from fellow brokers.

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