How it Works

With the touch of a button, BrokerAssist offers two marketplace solutions: firstly, to connect agents and brokers in real-time on their outbound referrals and notify them of inbound referral opportunities in their area. BrokerAssist is the first international agent-to-agent referral network & takes no cuts on commissions! Grow your referral business with BrokerAssist!

Secondly, flip the toggle and join the gig economy marketplace for agents and brokers to collaborate on fractional assistance for deal-specific tasks. Expand your team virtually and get coverage where and when you and your clients need it! Or learn the ropes and earn some extra cash!







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App Features

  • Fully integrated workflows for fractional assistance jobs & referrals

  • Free on-demand referral connections across the US & Canada!

  • Request real-time assistance on deal specific tasks

  • You select the job price and referral split

  • Vet and select your assistant

  • "Other” job type for requesting assistance on ad hoc needs

  • Push notifications to alert you of newly posted jobs and referrals

  • Earn extra cash

  • In-app chat

  • Integrated, secure payments (ACH or CC)

  • 5-star ratings

  • Calendar integration

  • Share button- invite colleagues to join & grow your network

We also provide white label solutions with customized feature sets!

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