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Collaboration and Referral Network

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Designed by: NINETY94 LLC

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How It Works

Tutorial 1: Request Assistance
Tutorial 2: Assist in Your Area
Introducing BrokerAssist
BrokerAssist at ICLV 2019!
App Features
We provide white label solutions with customized features to meet the needs of your firm!

We provide white label solutions with customized feature sets!

  • Request real-time assistance

  • Filter by a firm for internal assistance

  • You select your assistant

  • Free on-demand referral connections

  • You select the price and referral split

  • Be notified of newly posted jobs and referrals

  • Earn extra cash

  • In-app chat

  • Integrated payments

  • 5 star ratings

  • Share button- to invite your colleagues and grow your network!

BrokerAssist at NAR Annual 2019!