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Why Go White Label for Your Team, Office or Firm?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

BrokerAssist was created to help drive REALTOR® collaboration and referral networking for efficient business management, growth & maximal client satisfaction. While we launched at the end of 2019 as a tool to connect individual agents across brokerages, we quickly learned that there was a strong demand to personalize our app for internal coverage among teams, offices or firms. One of our goals is to help brokerages drive efficiencies & reduce noise in their systems, so we created an affordable and accessible way to White Label our platform, while also carrying over our fair, free, and real-time referral marketplace for cross-brokerage connections.

We now have white labels deployed across 4 states, with almost 1,000 active users across 40 states in the US, and just starting to pick up in Canada! All facilitating their transactions and earning referrals both within and outside of their firms- and we’re ready for you to join them!

Do any of these benefits sound appealing for your tech savvy brokerage?

Earning cross brokerage agent-to-agent referrals for business growth

Driving brokerage efficiencies through agent-to-agent collaboration

Ability to effectively retain and train agents

Helping your agents grow their teams & businesses virtually

Reducing the noise in your email systems & getting agents off insecure FB groups

Helping keep your agents at the center of their transactions

With our standard White Label Solutions starting at just $100 annually, what’s holding you back?! Plus, by earning just one referral on BrokerAssist, you will pay for an upgraded White Label Solution and then some! If you’re looking to add value to your current and prospective agents, providing a trusted & secure platform for gig economy transactions & referral connections is a great first step.

You can learn more about our White Label Solutions here or schedule an appointment with a member of our team to learn more here!

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