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Collaboration and Referral Network

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Designed by: NINETY94 LLC

BrokerAssist is your new go-to collaboration and referral network for real estate professionals.

Think gig economy of real estate!


BrokerAssist will save you when your schedule goes absolutely bonkers.

Or the next time you want to connect a client for a referral opportunity!

Free to download!

Free to sign up!

Free to assist!

Free referral networking!

Grow Your Team and Your Business, with BrokerAssist!

Keeping brokers and agents at the center of their transactions

As the first fractional assistance mobile marketplace for real estate professionals, BrokerAssist connects brokers and agents to each other now, for fractional assistance when and where it is needed. Even more, BrokerAssist offers a free platform for real estate professionals to connect with each other on referral opportunities nationwide.

Collaborate Now

Invite your colleagues and grow the BrokerAssist network today!

Request Assistance

To optimize client satisfaction, BrokerAssist connects you with fellow brokers now, for assistance when and where it is needed.

Earn Extra Cash

Have some extra time? Offer to assist fellow brokers in the area and earn some extra cash.

Secure Your Next Sale

Connect with fellow brokers nationwide to secure your next fair referral opportunity and increase your bottom line!

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What Brokers and Agents Say

“Love the app and it looks fantastic! Thanks for introducing this, I think it could be SUPER handy!”

— Stephanie Sullivan, Dream Town Realty